Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do you know who Matt Hoover is?

Some of you may recognize that name.  Matt Hoover was on The Biggest Loser, season two.  In fact, he won that season!  This post isn't meant to be an advertisement for Matt Hoover, but more a promotion of his determination.

Biggest Loser is a pretty awesome show.  I'm not 100% sure why I like that show so much, but I have one theory that I think is the best answer.  That theory is that I love seeing people taking control of their lives and doing whatever they can do to get healthy.  In my job, I see so many people who get in a cycle of unhealthy living, and do absolutely nothing to try and change their situation.  I guess I just think it's refreshing to know that there are people who are in a position where they could easily give up, and don't.

Anyway, I don't recall watching season two of The Biggest Loser, but the other day I found a video of Matt Hoover that is pretty motivating.  It's a pretty long video (6:58), but it's worth watching.  If you've ever done an Ironman, or any endurance event for that matter, or have any loved ones that have done an Ironman/endurance event, you will enjoy get the tissue box ready!:

I would just like to quote his last statement, because I think it's something that is worth repeating.  He said, "There's something about pushing yourself beyond your limits, that people need to do once in their life.  They need to take the chance one time, to see what they really can do.  And once you do it, you're never the same."  Well put, Mr. Hoover.

*If you want to follow someone along on their weight-loss journey, visit  Terey is a friend of mine, and an amazing woman who has been working her butt off (literally!) to get her life back and shed some unwanted weight.  She's already up to 170lbs of weight loss!  You should check out her story.

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