Monday, June 6, 2011

Oak Creek Camping

Sort of on a last minute decision, my wife and I (and our daughter) decided to join our in-laws for the last night of their camping trip this past weekend.  They have a pretty slick pop-up trailer, so there wasn't much we had to do to get ready, other than jump in the car and head on up for an evening of relaxation.

This isn't their exact trailer, but it's pretty similar.
We've camped at a campground near the one we were meeting the in-laws at, but never at this exact place.  It's in Sedona, and right on Oak Creek.  Here's a view from the creek, and a little video of the Wife and my daughter dipping their toes in the ice cold water:

This is the view looking downstream (see the LARGE amount of water on the bottom left)

As you can see, the Wife and daughter removed their shoes to dip their toes in the water.  Any chance that something could go wrong?  Of course!

I think there's a shoe missing...
Don't get scared...nothing major happened.  It just ended up being that one of the Wife's shoes was a little bit wetter than the other one.  Oh well!

After we were done frolicking in the water, we headed back to the campsite.  Let me first tell you that this place was pretty packed.  It was sold out, in fact, so there were people everywhere.  On our way back to the campsite, we came across a furry little critter...

We never figured out where this dog came from, but there was enough people around so I'm sure he was well taken care of.

The rest of the night was a success, with some great food and of course, roasted marshmallows.  Now, it's back to city life and back to training (and maybe some extra training to burn off the half of a bag of marshmallows I ate)!

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