Sunday, June 5, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 19

Well, after two weeks of running, everything seems to be going well.  Aside from running, I had two phenomenal bike rides (for my expectations at least!).  My first breakthrough bike ride was a 55 mile ride, in which I was able to average 19.6 mph.  That was the fastest ride of that distance that I have ever done, by far.  My next great ride was only a couple days later.  I'm not quite sure what was happening, but I didn't really feel that I was working all that hard, but I was able to average 20.8 mph for a little over 20 miles!  I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to duplicate that ride, but I sure as heck hope so!  Anyway, here's the plan for next week, week 19:

Monday - Bike 1:30.  Yoga 1:00.
Tuesday - Run :50 (tempo work).  Swim 1:00.
Wednesday - Bike 2:15.
Thursday - Run :30 BRICK Bike 1:30.
Friday - Run 1:00 (with hills).  Swim 1:00.
Saturday - Bike 4:00.
Sunday - Run 1:30/11 miles.

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