Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is that me on YouTube?

In today's world, just about everything is either videotaped or has a picture taken of it.  With social media being so popular, you almost can't step outside of your house without risking the possibility of having your image captured and posted to some sort of media outlet.

A couple of days ago, I was searching around on YouTube for some Ironman videos.  I happened to search for Ironman Arizona 2008.  I scrolled through the first page of results and didn't really see any videos that caught my eye.  I began to scroll through the second page of results and there was a video that caught my eye.

This is what I originally saw, and right away I thought I knew this person.  Do you?
Bigger, but kind of blurry.  Can you tell who that handsome devil is yet?
If you remember my first Ironman race (<----that really just pertains to my wife!) then this person on the bike should look pretty familiar.  But I thought to myself, "I didn't put any videos on YouTube.  Is that really me?"  Obviously I had to investigate this further.

 Pay close attention to the picture at the 1:59 mark.

That is me!  Crazy!  I have no idea who took this picture, or where they got it, or who the person that posted this video is.  I do remember that this particular Ironman was pretty rough for me, so I'm almost positive this was taken fairly early in the race, as I'm still in the aero position (even though my setup wasn't really very aero...).  I did a lot of sitting upright later in the race.  But who knows, maybe I just spotted a photographer and decided to put on a show, rather than have photographic evidence to prove that I was sitting upright for a good majority of the bike segment.

That's it for today.  I just thought it was funny that I found myself on YouTube and wanted to share this oddity with you.  At least I didn't find myself on PeopleOfWalmart...yet!

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