Monday, June 27, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 22

Week 21 went pretty well.  Nothing too crazy to note, except that it's now consistently over 100 degrees here in Arizona.  In fact, today when I got in my car at 8:00 a.m., it was already 95 degrees.  Having such high temperatures is going to take it's toll on my training.  Usually, it means that paces get a fair amount slower.  The best way to combat the high temps is by working out early in the morning, which only helps so much.  Other than that, things are going to much as planned.  The highlight of week 21 was running 13.3 miles on a treadmill.  Something about running that far/long on a treadmill is both encouraging and depressing...

Here's week 22:

Monday - Yoga 1:00.
Tuesday - Bike :30 on trainer with BRICK Run 1:00.
Wednesday - Bike 1:30
Thursday - Bike 1:30.  Run :30.
Friday - Swim 1:00.  Run 1:00 with hill repeats.
Saturday - Bike 2:00.
Sunday - Run 6 miles with 5 hills.  Bike 1:30.  Swim 1:00.

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