Saturday, June 18, 2011

I want this trainer and bounce house combo

Little kids love bounce houses.  Heck, big people love bounce houses too!  Unfortunately, it's just not that cost effective (most of the time) to buy one.  It's much better to rent one for the afternoon, and let the company that owns the bounce house do all of the set up and tear down.  But what if there was another option?  One that allowed for some cardio training as well!

The guy with "Whitfield" on his chest...that's Simon Whitfield

I introduce to you Simon Whitfield.  As you can tell by the enthusiastically clenched fist, he has won a triathlon or two.  In fact, he is an Olympic gold and silver medalist in triathlon.  He's pretty stinkin' fast.  I heard a rumor that he has been reading my IMAZ Training posts and copying my workouts in order to improve his fitness level.  Or maybe that's something I completely made up.  Anyways, he happens to have some little kids of his own.  And oddly enough, the love bounce houses too!  So what would you expect an Olympic gold medalist to do?  Find a unique way to get in a workout, while having fun with his kids.  That's probably why he is at the level he is at...he figures out how to get in his workouts, no matter what!

Let me set the stage a little bit.  Recently, LeMond Fitness came out with a new indoor trainer for bikes.  This trainer isn't like other trainers, which typically attach to the back of the bike and provide a never-ending rolling surface for your bike to spin on.  Instead, the entire rear wheel is removed, and this trainer is then attached.

The LeMond Fitness Revolution Trainer
The LeMond trainer, with a bike attached

In the first picture, or just the trainer, you can see a yellow fan on the back side of the trainer.  As the pedals are turned, the fan turns, producing resistance, and wind.  So many things can be done with wind.  Like blowing up a bounce house, for example. - "Yeah but can Cavendish do this?" (@markcavendish) from swhitfield on Vimeo.

I can't even begin to imagine how much more training I would be able to get in if I could blow up a bounce house for my daughter while I did a bike ride, and then continue to ride until she was done playing!  Maybe some day...

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