Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving Foreward with My Running

It's been two weeks now, and my legs are still feeling pretty good.  I haven't pushed myself to 100%, and probably won't for a while still, but I am going to jump back in on my training plan.  So, my training plan is now going to consist of four runs each week.  Here's a quick breakdown of each run:

Tuesday - 45 minutes of running, including varying pace work (running each mile a little faster).
Thursday - 30 minutes of running, including drills.
Friday - 1 hour of running, including 4-8 hill repeats.
Sunday - this will be the long run of the week for me.

This is just the basic framework of the running portion of my IMAZ training from this point on.  It will obviously change slightly, based on my available training time.  Also, one of the shorter runs (not the Sunday one) will be done as a brick each week, which is a run completed immediately after a bike workout.  Other than that, it's business as usual.

That's why you always look where you're running.

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