Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swimming with my Garmin 310xt, Part II

Apparently I'm getting forgetful in my old age.  In all the craziness that is my every day life, I failed to include some of the more important photos in yesterday's post.  So, as an added bonus, sort of, there's two posts today!  You can read up on Part I of "Swimming with my Garmin 310xt" before you continue on in this one, if you'd like.  If you'd already done that, then please, continue on!

As I described in Part I, I placed the 310xt underneath my swim cap, on the back of my head.  Here's a group of photos to help you better understand what that looks like:

My swim cap, goggles, and the 310xt
The swim cap, without the 310xt underneath
The swim cap, now with the 310xt underneath (the huge lump on the back of my head is not a growth!)
Me knockin' out some laps!
Alright, now maybe Part I makes a little more sense with these pictures!  Sorry I didn't include those the first time around...I had a brain fart!

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