Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Team Marathon Bar schwag

Sitting around the other day, basking in a pile of Marathon Bars, I realized that I never shared with you the contents of my Team Marathon Bar welcome kit!  Now that was quite rude of me, wasn't it?!  I'm sorry.  To make it up to you, I will pass on some of the goodness that is Marathon Bars, as long as I have some on me of course.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on one of the best perks of being selected for an Active Ambassador's sponsorship:

Can you figure out what all of this wonderful stuff is?  I'll explain below...
That is a crap-ton of stuff!  And very nice stuff, might I add.  Inside the fifty-something pound box that was delivered to my doorstep was:
  • a Team Marathon running tech tee
  • a Team Marathon long sleeve running tech tee
  • a Team Marathon running singlet (I like to call it a muscle shirt, to show off all of my muscles...or lack thereof)
  • a Team Marathon jacket
  • a Team Marathon visor (or hat...I chose a visor since I have the hat from last year!)
  • a Team Marathon sweat band/ear warmer
  • a Team Marathon running short
  • a stack of coupons for Marathon Bars
  • Marathon Bar logo temporary tattoos (or is that Marathon Bar logo on my arm a real tattoo?)
  • my 2011 Team Marathon team manual
  • and of course, a bazillion Marathon Bars!
The difference between last year's kit and this years was that last year's kit had less running stuff, but included a bike jersey and shorts, and a tri top.  I actually like not getting the exact same stuff, as it provides more variety for me to sport the team colors!

So like I said, check out my race schedule and come find me at one of my races and I'll hook you up with some Marathon Bars, some coupons, and some tattoos (you can just use the temporary ones, unless you want to get a real one.  And if that's the case, I'm totally down to go get a tattoo with you!)

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