Thursday, June 23, 2011

Team Marathon photo shoot

Don't get too excited.  This is most definitely not a professional photo shoot.  The back-story here is that part of the requirements for being on Team Marathon is that each member has to submit photos of ourselves in our new apparel.  So, the wife and I headed outside the other day to get this task crossed off of the list.

Here's the photos that I ended up submitting to Team Marathon:

The close up, of course

This angle makes my aero position look not so good.  This will be corrected with my new bike purchase!

I wonder who the sponsor is?

Turning the corner...

Nice angle for a picture (and my aero position doesn't look so bad this time!)

Time to get running!

And running...
There were also some other pictures that were pretty good that didn't get sent to Team Marathon.  Since I appreciate that you read my blog, I'll share those pictures with you:

There's my daughter, always stealing the show!

Our first bike ride together!
Soon enough, she's going to be faster than me on a bike!
Yes, while The Wife and I were out taking these pictures, our daughter was crusin' on her bike too!  She found herself, pretty often, in the background of the photos.  But it's alright, because she's so dang cute!

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